Bali Bracelet
925 Silver I A forever piece  A minimal piece inspired by our trips to Indonesia, where we spend celestial moments. Forever favorite days in Bali. This bracelet is elegant, the piece is perfectly attached & is extremely comfortable and durable....
01 Bracelet
01 Bracelet, a must have, for any occasion. Make it simple but significant. Adjustable bracelet made of brass. 12 micron silver plated. Also is 18cm length & 3mm thick. Made to Last
With a Mediterranean sense, this bracelet is a must have in summer. Let this necklace "sea"duce you. Adjustable Bracelet made of brass. 12 micron silver plated. TwoJeys X
Rebel Journey
Welcome to the Rebel Journey, ICON for this summer. Mix and match with your favorites. Adjustable Bracelet, also is 18cm lenght & 7,6mm thick. Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated.
Indian Bracelet
For an endless summer feeling wearing the Indian Bracelet. Always comfy to your wrist, only at TwoJeys X Adjustable Bracelet. This bracelet is 18cm length & 7mm thick. Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated.
Cuban bracelet
The Cuban bracelet is finally here, ready to rock for any occasion. For souls full of cuban sunshine. Highly desired and timeless pieces. Inspired by the Bronx in NYC, an icon that never gets old and stands out of any...
Salt Lake Chain
Salt Lake Chain, Utah inspired bracelet to combine with your set. Perfect to innovate & complete your set. Only available in one size (18 cm). TwoJeys X
Hope bracelet
A new concept of Bracelet this time, a forever piece with a unique design representing hope. Big things take time, so don't give up. For Him & For Her. Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated. Has a length of 19cm...
02 Bracelet
02 Bracelet, is a handcrafted masterpiece, simple, elegant & exquisite for any occasion. Adjustable Bracelet. It's 18cm lenght & 7,6 mm thick. Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated.
Cuban Jab
The Cuban Jab is a unique cuban chain with our new closing "TwoJeys X", a unique piece For Him & For Her. Has a length of 19cm & is 8mm thick. Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated.
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