Bali Bracelet
A minimal piece inspired by our trips to Indonesia, where we spend celestial moments. Forever favorite days in Bali. This bracelet is elegant, the piece is perfectly attached & is extremely comfortable and durable.
Bali Chain
One of the best sellers since day 1. The Bali chain is an ICONIC piece in our collection. A perfect choice to combine with everything & anywhere. Complete your favorite set or wear it alone.
The sun & the moon - completely opposites as the day & the night, the light & the dark. Personify man and woman, symbolizing strength, power, calm & stability. This necklace is handcrafted and designed one by one.
Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect ring, set yourself free as a butterfly. Handcraft it in Spain, in our little workshop. Available in all sizes.  TwoJeys X
Liberty Ring
A symbol of loyalty, family, freedom & love. Crafted & designed in Spain.  TwoJeys X
Day&Night Necklace
All Day, All night.   Jewelry made for and endless summer.   In summer we only wear jewelry.
Liberty Necklace
The Liberty Necklace means freedom and inspiration, to never touch the ground. Run wild with us. For Him & For Her.
Innocence Necklace
  TWOJEYS X MANU RIOS  Have you ever noticed that falling feels like flying? All good things come to an end. So if you’re going to fall, fall hard.Love me, love me not.
Mad Max Ring
An everyday ring with the TwoJeys iconic craft, for everyone. A perfect piece to make a set, simple, unique & special. Be proud when wearing it. 
Cross Necklace
A handmade must, a unique cross, simple & extraordinary for any occasion. Made for any occasion & for everyone. You won't need to cross your fingers when wearing it - the cross already protects you. Made to last.
Broken Heart Ring
Seen in Silver & Gold, the Broken heart is an expression of a meaningful feeling and big emotions. As all our pieces its been hand detailed to give you the TJ unique design. For Him & For Her. 
01 Bracelet
01 Bracelet, a must have, for any occasion. Make it simple but significant. Made to Last
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