Midnight Necklace
The sun and the moon. Opposites. Day and night, light and dark. Personify man and woman, symbolizing strength, power, calm and stability. This necklace is handcrafted and designed one by one, it comes with a 925 Sterling Silver chain and...
Bali Bracelet
A minimal piece inspired by our trips to Indonesia, forever favourite days in Bali. This bracelet is elegant, the solid silver piece is perfectly attached and is extremely comfortable and durable. Made of sterling silver 925. LENGTH MEN: 19 cm...
Alive & Kicking
Alive and kicking, safe and sound, a way of life.  Handcrafted one by one.  Perfect to combine with Bali Chain or a long X Sword. 925 Sterling Silver Chain and a High quality silver bath piece, Made to last. The...
X Sword Necklace
Both pieces made to be together. Designed and handcrafted. With a Sterling Silver Chain & a two high quality pendants, made to last. Chain length: 55 +5 cm length.
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