MJ Earring
Inspired by the number one Icon, the MJ Earring. The easy going one, simple but essential. Ready to wear! Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated. 2,44mm thick.  
Papua Earring
The Papua Earring is finally here, to make your earring collection full. Made to Last. Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated.
Cross Earring
The Cross Earring is finally here, a must have in your set. Make it simple but significant - A classic, unique design ready to wear. 925 silver hoop with a 12 micron silver plated. Made to Last.
Bowies knife
The original one, TwoJeys Bowies Knife. This earring is one of our best creations so far, an ICON. The piece is compound by a ring, made of sterling silver 925, and by the knife, made of brass. 12 micron silver...
Crush Earring
The Icon Earring from The Trust No One collection by Manu Rios. It kind of represents the feeling of a rebellious & revolutionary love. Unique designed born in our little studio in Barcelona, and handcrafted in our little workshop. The...
TJ Energy Earring
From the Smiley Collection, the TJ Energy Earring.Find beauty in details. Available in two sizes, S-M (15mm diameter) & L-XL (18mm diameter).Made of brass. 12 micron silver plated.
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