TJ Energy Earring
From the Smiley Collection, the TJ Energy Earring.Find beauty in details. Available in two sizes, S-M (15mm diameter) & L-XL (18mm diameter). Made of brass. 18/23k gold plated.
Mimosa Earring
The Mimosa Earring it’s inspired by a star with its name. This star it’s 8 million years old & for us it's a way to represent the timeless & everlasting life. Wear the universe while wearing this piece. Delicately crafted, only at...
Full Moon Earring
Crazy things happen when there’s a full moon, that’s what we wanted to represent with this piece. Choose this earring, it will take you to the moon & never back.Only at TWOJEYS XMade of brass. Gold plated 18/23K. It has...
Neptune Earring
The best way to predict the future is to create it. The Neptune Earring is the easy going one, simple but essential. To make your earring collection full. As all our pieces it's been hand detailed to give you the TJ...
Saturn Earring
The Saturn Earring is inspired by the planet of the solar system. The rings of Saturn are the most extensive ring system of any planet, which represents expansion, no limits & growth. No limits, no fear, no excuses. The perfect piece, only...
Venus Earring
The Venus Earring it’s a must have, for any occasion. This piece will make you feel as if you were in a dream so big that you can’t fall asleep. Delicately crafted, made to last & waiting to be enjoyed. TWOJEYS XMade...
Galatea Earring
The Galatea Earring is a special piece that owes its name to the fourth-closest satellite of Neptune. A forever piece made to last. TWOJEYS XMade of brass. Gold plated 18/23K.  
Destiny Earring
The Destiny Earring represents the choices we make & the chances we take. We all control our own destiny. With this special piece you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted.  TWOJEYS XMade of brass. Gold plated 18/23K.  
Gravity Earring
The Gravity Earring represents the force that rules the universe. Let this piece drag you to the best of you. A small piece with huge energy.TWOJEYS XMade of brass. Gold plated 18/23K.  It's 9mm thick.
Phoenix Earring
The Phoenix Earring is inspired by a constellation with its name.  Associated with the sun, the legendary bird symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth, as well as eternity, strength, & renewal. Signifies a journey through fire or adversity.This piece represents the...
Big Bang Earring
The Big Bang Earring is inspired by the cosmic explosion that marked the beginning of the universe, the origin of everything. Cause, sometimes the strongest & most amazing things are those we cannot see. Feel this energy while wearing this piece.TWOJEYS...
Two Stars Earring
Stars are engines of cosmic energy that give light and warmth and these earrings remind you of the energy of summer, nights at the beach and sunrises. High quality 18/23k gold bath
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