TJ Jewerly Care

What is our jewelry made of?
- All our silver chains are made of 925 sterling silver.
- Our silver plated products are made of brass with a 12 microns of silver bath, guaranteeing the best quality.
- Our gold products are made of brass plated in 18/23k gold of the highest quality. 

How to store our jewelry?
- To prevent our jewelry from being damaged or scratched over time, we recommend storing it in a TJ box or in a cotton bag to ensure its longevity. Our TJ boxes are made to keep the jewelry perfect.
- We recommend you to take your jewelry off before doing any sports or sleeping to avoid any possible damage.

How to clean our jewelry?
- To clean our jewelry, we recommend using our TJ jewel cleaner :) and rubbing on the jewelry, so it regains the initial shine that can be lost when in contact with the PH of the skin. 

Can you shower or swim with our products?
- Our pure silver products can be used under water without any problems.
- Products bathed in gold or silver can get wet, but we do not recommend bathing them daily as they can get damaged over time when they come in contact with soap or water itself.
- We do not recommend bathing in the sea with our products as salt deteriorates any type of jewelry.

* Jewelry bathing is not guaranteed to last forever, depending on the amount of chemicals that the jewelry has been exposed, the pH of the skin and the sweat they each give off.