Semi-Bold Classic Bracelet


Semi-Bold Classic Bracelet


Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Chain: 21 cm long // 6,8 mm thick

Weight: 34,5 g

* Sterling silver or 925 silver is made of 92,5% silver and a
7,5% of other metals. Pure silver is too soft so silver is
usually alloyed with copper to increase its hardness and
strength. 925 silver is hypoallergenic, high quality, stylish

"Those intangible things that
endure over time, which do not understand
ages or moments”

If you describe something as timeless,
you mean that it is so good or
beautiful that it cannot be affected
by changes in society or fashion.

Our new 925 silver pieces are an ode to all those
 lived moments we all wanted to capture and
remember forever. 

The passage of time trapped in 5 unique
pieces that will last forever.

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- Europe Shipping 4 / 5 business days
- International Shipping 5 / 11 business days

Sometimes, shipments to countries outside the EU may carry additional fees and taxes, in this case, it will be in charge of the buyer.

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