Breaking Necklace

$93.00 $65.00

Breaking Necklace

$93.00 $65.00

MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver Chain 8 microns

CHAIN: 50+5cm adjustable chain

PENDANT: 13.88cm. The pendant is covered with black enamel

WEIGHT: 6.51g


Have you ever noticed that falling feels like flying? 
For just one moment you have wings.
Falling in love makes you feel like you have the world in the palm of your hand. 
It will make you feel filthy rich and at the same time leave you broke. 
Love will set you free. It will make you feel like a god. 
Love is like having all the stars in the night sky and then all of a sudden it's daytime.
It will fill your heart, it will make it spill over. 
It will leave you for dead, but nothing will make you feel so alive.

All good things come to an end. 
So if you’re going to fall, fall hard.
Love me, love me not.

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